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The header photo was taken in Harrisburg and is the bridge over the Susquehanna River.  I love rivers and I followed this one as I made my way from Philadelphia to Wilkes-Barre.  This river played a very important role in the lives of my Goss ancestors.  If only it could tell stories.

My goal in taking this trip was to attend the Federation of Genealogical Society Conference in 2008 in Philadelphia.  As well as attend the PMC – Professional Management Conference hosted by APG – The Association of Professional Genealogists.  I had won the registration fee for the FGS conference and could not resist attending.

The more important reason was to search out and find the Goss Family historical sites in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania.  Phillip Goss 1724 to 1778, migrated to the Wyoming Valley in 1769 and brought his family.  I wanted to see the major sites of the Wyoming Massacre, get a feel for the lay of the land, visit Huntington Township, visit the cemeteries and the repositories looking for more information about the Philip Goss family.

This blog was tough business.  It was hard work working out of motels, B&B’s, archives and repositories were WiFi is not necessarily working and there were some problems.

This Pennsylvania Wanderings Blog was my first.  I was learning.

Because I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer in July 2012 and it was found in my lungs in January 2013, I decided I need to consolidate my blogs onto one platform for easy access.  Since I don’t know what the future will bring I want to get this organized, so I have moved it to Word Press  I will occasionally add a post to this blog but mostly refer people here from my other blogs.  I may go to a post and add some updates so check the Update Category to see what I have been up to. 

The second blog I wrote was Massachusetts Meanderings and more… 



This was to document my trip to Massachusetts and Connecticut in April 2011 to see more of the Goss family historical sites and tracing Philip Goss of Roxbury to Lancaster and then his son Capt. Philip Goss and on down the lineage.  I also wanted to do a little more on the two marriages of Philip Goss of Roxbury (or I call him Philip Goss I). He married Hannah Hopkins (my line) and then divorced her and remarried to Mary Prescott and it caused all kinds of trouble for my cousin Paul H. Goss who did a lot on the family in the 1930’s and 1940’s.

Here are more of my blogs and how they fit in: 

The paternal side, of my father’s lineage is discussed in The Man Who Lived Airplanes:  The Life of Keith B. MacDonald.  It focuses on my dad’s surname McDonald/MacDonald/McDonell: 


On my father’s maternal side are the Spracklin/len, Goss, Delano, and Keller families which are part of his heritage through his grandmother Amarilla Spracklin Barclay.

Amarilla is featured in another blog:  The Barclay’s of Pine River:  The Lives of George and Amarilla Barclay.  


Going back still further into my father’s maternal lineage through Amarilla is the blog, “Solomon Goss of Fearing Twp., In Ohio,” which covers the Spracklin/lens, Kellers, Delanos and more.  It will go back into the Goss history once the Spracklin’s are finished.


I chose to write the family history using the blog form for many reasons.  So if you are looking for a scholarly work you will not find it.  This is for my family whose eyes glaze over every time I start talking about our genealogy.  Another reason is because it keeps me focused.  It is actually helping me to get organized.

Blogs can be difficult to get around in and find things, I suggest you use the Archive section on the right to search for posted by date, or the search box using specific terms and the categories which post topics.

Oh and you can always comment.

Sincerely:  Bonnie

If you would like to chat with me, try this email by cutting pasting into your Email message:  bjmcdonell@gmail.com

I have retired from the Association of Professional Genealogists  and also at the Puget Sound Chapter of APG of which I was a past President and held other positions throughout the years.  I am also the past Washington State Genealogical Society Newsletter editor.  This does not mean I am done with genealogy, just means I am going in another direction.


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