Blog Anniversary Celebration!

I returned from my trip to Ontario and Quebec and I am writing about it in my other blogs.  It was quite the trip.  It covered the other side of my dad’s family, his Canada roots and my mother’s:

The Man Who Lived Airplanes: and the Boardmans and Browns

Today is the anniversary date of when I started this blog Pennsylvania Wanderings back in 2008. It was the 2nd blog I started and it began my blogging journey.  I love it.  I get a big kick out of it but I do find that being both the writer an editor a challenge. Working with the blogging platforms of Word Press and Blogger have been interesting and frustrating at times.

This blog was written about the trip I took to Pennsylvania and my visits to all the Goss locations in the area.  I am particularly proud of my photographs from that area and the visits to the cemeteries.  This blog is old now and some links are probably broken one of the facts of blogging which is a living and breathing entity and subject to the whims of the Internet.

I will be slowly incorporating it into my blog Solomon Goss of Fearing Twp. where it will actually help to enhance my posts at that blog and make them much better.   I really didn’t dig into the Goss research at that time focusing more on the setting and the location.  Sharing about the Goss family is not easy because there is so much and there are those who do have or know more.

You should go and see my post about my visit to the bust of Lt. Colonel John Butler at the Solomon Goss blog.  Yes, he was the man who was why the Wyoming Massacre even happened.  He was fighting for the British and really believed in his mission.  I could not help myself.  I had to have a picture of me with the statue at Ottawa’s Valiants Memorial.  One country’s hero is another’s villian.  It really made me stop and think about both sides of the story during the Revolution and made me reach in and try to understand a different perspective.

I actually have gone backward in time with the Goss family.  I really should have started in Boston and gone west through Massachusetts to Connecticut and then to Pennsylvania.  Life has a funny way of offering opportunities so I started in Pennsylvania.  I then traveled to Massachusetts and Connecticut and I wrote about that part of the trip in Massachusetts Meanderings and more

I only went as far as east as Lancaster and ended up in the Berkshires at the point where Philip Goss IV headed to Pennsylvania.

Hopefully sometime soon I can go to Boston again and head west following Philip Goss I as he moved west.  Getting around Massachusetts is not that hard, not like Ontario.

All the best to all who have stopped by:  Bonnie


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