Acknowledgements and Thank Yous!

My trip to Pennsylvania was a success. It was made that way because of the people I met along the way. I had great conversations with several individuals at the PMC and FGS Conferences. I will be contacting you to at least say “Hi.” I stopped at many archives and societies and had good experiences in each. See my individual blogs on many of them.

Here are some special thanks yous:

First to my roommate at the PMC and FGS Conferences, Barbara de Mare. Barbara is a fellow APG member and you can find her in the APG Directory. Barbara shared a room at the Marriott with me and I am grateful for her company. She also kindly took me to the Budget Rental Car lot at the Philadelphia Airport after the conference. Thanks a bunch! Barbara recently completed the DAR Certified Genealogist 4 day course at DAR in Washington D.C. I think that is pretty amazing.

Doug Nicols for all his tips on Northeast Pennsylvania Genealogy. Doug is also a fellow APG member and you can find him in the APG Directory. He is an expert on NE Pennsylvania genealogy and many other topics. He suggested I visit the Northeast Pennsylvania Genealogical Society in Shavertown. Unfortunately I did not get a chance to meet Doug personally because he was doing research in Germany and on his way to England! He saw my posting to the APG-L and answered my many questions. Thanks so much for the tips Doug.

A hearty thank you to Ann at the Northeast Pennsylvania Genealogical Society for assisting me with the cemetery records and making me feel welcomed. I am a member now and looking forward to more sharing.

To the Northumberland County Historical Society in Sunbury thanks to Jack and Ann for taking time to pull items from the shelves and pointing out possibilities in their collection. My goal there was to determine if records for the area of Wilkes-Barre were at Northumberland. The other counties could be Lycoming or Northhampton.
A big thanks to Mary, Elizabeth and Donna at the Plymouth Historical Society in Plymouth, Pennsylvania. They took time out of their busy lives to arrange to come down to the Society to open the doors. This was out of the regular hours. I enjoyed my chat with them and appreciate their answering my questions. I also joined this society and I received a lovely thank you card.

A thank you to Irene. I kept running into this fellow researcher at various Wilkes-Barre area archives. She offered me goat cheese, crackers and special apples from upstate New York. I brought the wine. We were sharing different rooms at the Best Western Genetti. Thanks a lot Irene. I ate all the apples and they were delicious. What a delightful and unexpected exchange of genealogical knowledge and sharing.

To Katherine at the David Library of the American Revolution for all her help, her friendly and guidance. We had several very interesting conversations about our genealogical experiences in old overgrown cemeteries and family history. What a great library there in Washington Crossing.

To John B. Koehler, Financial Specialist for Wachovia a thank you for the unexpected lesson on migration routes in Pennsylvania. John was having lunch at the Wagon Wheel in Shickshinny and overheard my conversations about where to get a Shickshinny T-Shirt and that I was researching my family. He has a love of history and we chatted while I ate my hamburger about the French & Indian War, the Revolution and other items of interest. This was another unexpected fun exchange.

A very big and hearty thank you to Donna Goobic of the Greater Shickshinny Historical Society for being my tour guide in the Shickshinny area. Donna opened her home and took time out of her life to show me around. She coordinated with me and the Historical Society my talk on Genealogy. Thanks for the T-shirt and all the fun stories and being willing to answer all my questions. I am still trying to say it right “Wapwallopen!”

To the Pineapple Bed and Breakfast in Washington Crossing a thanks to Kathy and Cookie for their warm hospitality. The story of Cookie finding the falcon and returning it to his owner was the kind of story that Puffer, my 133 year old cat likes to hear. I wonder if they found some strange pole in their shed? I could not take it home a little hard to carry on the plane. It was for stomping in steep cemeteries and it really is a handle for a broom. To Linda proprietor of the River View B&B in Sunbury a thank you. We had a wonderful chat at breakfast and I think that her B&B is one of the loveliest that I have seen. I wonder what adventures await Linda, she is quite the clever lady.

To Tony Brooks of the Luzerne County Historical Society for his interest in my research. I will be getting in touch with you Tony. Thanks for caring.

My trip to Pennsylvania was enjoyable and to all the people above I am grateful and to those that I did meet along the way and who answered my questions, helped me with directions, pointed me to food and more. Thank you!


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4 Responses to Acknowledgements and Thank Yous!

  1. Bonnie, I love reading your posts whenever I have time! They are so informative and I long for the day when I also can fulfill my passion of walking the steps our ancestors walked so long ago! I so appreciate the knowledge you are sharing! Keep up the incredible journey! Many thanks!
    -Linda Goss-Kozic, Researching Your Ancestors
    6th great granddaughter of Philip and Mary Kendall Goss, Luzerne Co, PS

  2. bonmac says:

    Linda I am so glad to hear from you. I was wondering how you were and I have your blog listed on my other blogs. I hope you are reading my other Goss blogs as well. I do stop by your blog on occasion to see what you are up to and saw some activity recently. I will be checking it out. Bonnie

  3. I was out of commission this last year from posting, just a lot of family issues and the loss of my 2 beloved German Shepherds within 5 weeks of each other. It has been devastating. But, I am back on the block! haha! I will list your other blogs on mine also! I have had so much fun on the PA Wanderings–didn't even get to those yet! I most certainly will though! Linda

  4. bonmac says:

    Ah I know what that is like, I lost all my old gang of pets and there were several all in a few months. My beloved Billie dog, sigh. That was awhile ago and I still miss them. I am glad you are back to blogging. It will help I think. Bonnie

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