A Tour of Huntington and Fairmount Township, Luzerne County Part II

The Scott Cemetery

After Wapwallopen we went back up Hiway 239 through Shickshinny to go in search of the Scott Cemetery near Waterton. We took Hiway 239 up through Shickshinny till we came to Sunshine Road and then we went left. There is a gas station there. This road meanders along, gently weaves up and down and goes in and out of shade and sunshine. It seems like you are going along way before it connects with the Waterton Road. Turn right and go about ¼ to ½ mile and you will come to the cemetery. There is a sign by the highway “SCOTT CEMETERY” and a lovely white house across with a big red barn.

The cemetery has a grassy area and most of the tombstones are on the other side of the little knoll facing. The beautiful maintained property across from the cemetery has an old house that stands smartly. The man who lives in it told me the floor has rough hewn timbers in it. He thinks the house it really old. It is beautiful. Could this be the “Old Scott House?” Difficult to say the owner didn’t really know. There are other houses along this road that might be the “old Scot house” as stated again in the history books. I told him the history books were published about 1880. So if the house was standing then his house could be very old. He has done many improvements.

I had a map showing where the graves were located. I found this map at both the Luzerne County Historical Society (LCHS) and Northeast Pennsylvania Genealogical Society (NEPGS) societies that I have mentioned. Someone had mapped out the Scott Cemetery graves with numbers and rows. It is a big map and difficult to copy. I was able to find the tombstones I was looking for. I was looking for Mary Goss (1721 to 1821) and her son Nathaniel Goss (1749 to 1812). Mary was 100 years old when she died. She outlived her son Nathaniel by 9 years. She is my 5th great grandmother, wife of Philip Goss (1724 to 1778/9). It was a great day. I had traveled a long way to view this grave site. I did not want to leave! Nathaniel is brother to my 4th great grandfather Solomon Goss (1754 to 1825). Solomon took his family and left the area of Huntington and Plymouth and went to Ohio where he settled in Washington County, Ohio.

The Town of Huntington Mills, Huntington Twp., Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania (formerly Hublerville)

This town is up the road about 1 mile from the Scott Cemetery. I was interested in the gristmills that were supposed to have been built there. I was told by Donna that there were stones from them somewhere in the area. She thought it was about where the post office stood. The location these historical sites is fast fading need to be better identified for future generations. I did not have time to really dig in. I was getting a general idea. The white church was pretty in the sun but Donna said it was no longer being used.

Enjoy the photos!


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