Life and Times of Luke Swetland and Nathan Denison

Luke Swetland Homestead, Wyoming, PA

These houses are situated along Wyoming Ave (Hiway 11 north). If you go to the Wyoming Monument and turn south onto Wyoming Ave. You can easily get to the Luke Swetland house as you come down the highway. It is to the right. Turn at the street on the north side of the house and park in the gravel area across from it. The house is situated almost on the highway.

The Luke Swetland Homestead was opening at 11 a.m. and I wanted to stop by and see it and I am glad I did. A nice lady whom I believe is the Administrator of the Homestead, greeted me and she took me on the tour. She is very knowledgeable about the artifacts and items in the house and knew the genealogy of the family of Luke Swetland.

She took me into each room and showed me the portraits of the family and told me stories about them. She cares about the artifacts and memorabilia and has been reading up on the history. Marcy stated that Luke had been captive with the Indians for 18 months. I asked if he suffered much in the aftermath of his captivity? She thought he did well with his life after but he did come home to find that the family had left and returned to their original home in Connecticut. The family thought he had been killed.

The house was added onto by the sons and other family members over the years. There is big huge fireplace in the dining room which indicates that it used to be the kitchen but that was moved to another area behind the original house which was not connected till later. I loved the velvet on the old dresses. One was a rich deep red. It was a very elegant house. I was also impressed with the grounds which seemed extensive and well maintained. There is a brochure you can get at the Luzerne County Historical Society that gives some information but not as much history as I would have liked. You can view the graves at the Forty-Fort cemetery, they are along the side of the Meeting house.

Information: Luke Swetland Homestead,

885 Wyoming Ave, Wyoming, PA 18644,
570-823-6249 or 570-693-2740.
Open Saturday 11 to 4 p.m. and Sunday 1 to 4 pm. I was going up the Northeast Pennsylvania Genealogical Society for research that afternoon so I was not able to linger as long as I may have liked. It was a very pleasant and interesting tour and I have been through lots of old houses. They would not allow photographs. By the way my family eventually married into the Swetland’s. It is a bit convoluted but there is a little connection later on down the family line.

Nathan Denison House
I was not able to tour the Nathan Denison House but it was on my way so I stopped to view it. It is located around the corner at Denison and Wyoming Ave. There are several parking spots that you can pull into. An information board sits in the parking lot and the house is situated on a lovely green lot. Apparently the house had been remodeled over the years and added to. According to the information board it was restored to its original look. I wandered around the outside of the house just enjoying the look of the house. I carefully peeked into the windows and got a good view of how it looks inside. This house is very different from the Luke Swetland house. So it is a good idea to see them both to get a feel for the time period. This house was built in 1790. I found a great brochure that really gives a good history of the house.

When I tried to find out information on these historical sites it was a little difficult to obtain on the web. Here is the information from the brochure: 35 Dennison Street, Wyoming, PA, Hours are Sunday 1 to 4 p.m. and the number to call is 570-288-5531.

Both tours charge a small fee but they are worth it. I think the Nathan Denison house is doing fall festival, which sounds like a really wonderful event?

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