First Impressions of Philadelphia!

My flight to Pennsylvania was easy with no problems or troubles. I arrived safely about 4:30 p.m. and made my way to baggage claim. Of course, my bags were the last to show on the carousel. I collected them and headed for the taxi.

I could have taken other transportation like the train or a hotel van but decided this was the most efficient and easiest for me and someone else could do the lifting of all the heavy bags.

My driver was a grumpy Russian man, who growled that that he knew where the Marriott was downtown. We speed away and the highway curved around giving me a view of Philadelphia’s downtown. The tall buildings grouped together remained me of Seattle. The sun was shining and it was warm but not hot. I was glad I didn’t bring heavier clothing from home.

I was deposited outside the Marriott which had a curved driveway and that made easy access. I paid my taxi driver in cash and probably a little too much but he got me to the hotel in one piece. As I get older my tolerance for speeding cars is not as great as it used to be. I was just relieved to be done with the airplane travel and safely in my hotel. The hotel lobby opened to this large grand hallway with a glossy marble floor. The thought of taking off my shoes and sliding across it quickly passed across my mind and I smiled.
I found my room on the 8th floor and the view was to the west toward the City Hall. Philadelphia is old and the buildings are crowded together. There is scaffolding on a portion of City Hall. She is very large and ornate so you only see a small part of the building peaking out from the surrounding buildings. Not wasting much time, I left my room in search of dinner and decided to try the hotel dining room, I think the name is 13. After that I walked around the block getting a feel for this city. I spied lots of restaurants that were possibilities and stores that may have items I needed. I have been to Chicago and walked the Magnificent Mile. I have taken the Freedom Walk in Boston and seen the old city cemeteries and historic sites. In Los Angeles, I had dinner with friends. In San Francisco, I have been on the cable cars and shopped in the downtown stores. Now I add Philadelphia to my visits this countries big cities.

More exploring comes next….

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