Just Days Away till Flight Time!

Flying out to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is only days away! Preparations are underway for this 3 weeks trip in Eastern Pennsylvania.

It starts in Philadelphia for the Professional Management Conference by the Association of Professional Genealogists (APG) and is followed by the Federation of Genealogical Society Conference (FGS).

The festivities are kicked off on Tuesday evening with the APG Roundtable where members of APG gather to share ideas. The next day will be amazing for Elizabeth Shown Mills is giving a workshop on sourcing your research based on her book “Evidence Explained.” I will be taking tickets for lunch and being door monitor at one of the afternoon sessions, so if you see me, say “Hello.” FGS last year was filled with great information, good lectures, excellent food and I walked away with far too many books from the Exhibit hall. HA!

Philadelphia is a great place to do genealogical research. I will be visiting the Historical Society of Pennsylvania http://www.hsp.org/ which also houses the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania collection. http://www.genpa.org/library.html

The Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania has a great listing of local genealogical treasures which include links http://www.genpa.org/RepositoriesPhilaGen.html The website also gives information about where to find the records.

My journey will take me to the Philadelphia City Hall where I will be obtaining a probate file for a client. In 1952 the city and county of Philadelphia combined their resources. That will be a very interesting adventure. If Philadelphia’s City Hall is anything like King County it will be busy and challenging.

Of course I will have to see the Liberty Bell http://www.nps.gov/inde/liberty-bell-center.htm and Independence Hall http://www.nps.gov/inde/planyourvisit/index.htm
before I leave Philadelphia. I have seen the Declaration of Independence in the National Archives in Washington D.C., now I will get to see where it was signed.

It is going to be an exciting and busy 1st week of the 3 weeks.


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One Response to Just Days Away till Flight Time!

  1. Byrna says:

    Hi Bonnie, I’m a little confused. Did you stay on the east coast after the Aug 11 trip to DC? That would make you be staying there for 6 weeks totalled!! Have fun taking tickets at the door. Don’t take any counterfeit ones. 🙂 Byrna

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