Washington D.C., Our Nation’s Capital

We landed at Dulles in the late evening on August 14th and the taxi wove its way east towards D.C. As we approached the city, I began to see the familiar sites and sounds: Lincoln’s Memorial, the Washington Monument and all the huge stately buildings that line the city streets.

As tourists, we took the Odyssey cruise on the Potomac and visited the Jefferson Memorial. We have seen Monticello, Jefferson’s home, so reviewing the information in the underground museum of the Jefferson Memorial reminded me of this extraordinary man and the men he knew, like George Washington, whom Jefferson admired. Seeing this Memorial was probably a good idea because I am researching my two ancestors Philip Goss and his son Solomon Goss who lived at the approximately the same time as Jefferson. Solomon died in 1825 and Jefferson in 1828.

My time at the DAR Library is a true adventure. They now have the Seimes Microfilm Room which houses all the microfilm, fiche, CD’s and more. This room is separate from the main library. I did obtain several DAR applications off of the computer in the Seimes Room. They have scanned many of the files to the appropriate Revolutionary patriot. You can research a member, an ancestor and look at supporting documentation. It still costs $10.00.

I have been spending most of my time in the main library with all the wonderful books. It is so beautiful. It was once an assembly room and the funny small door that you enter the library was the entrance to the stage area. Getting some of the books is a challenge for you have to climb up to the mezzanine and move the big moving shelves that they have installed. So far, I am getting a lot of problems on sourcing solved and finding most of the books and the GRC’s Reports that are listed in the online index at the DAR website.

It is time to go do more research…


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  1. Byrna says:

    Hi Bonnie, This all just boggles my mind. It would be nice to follow you around one day just to see in person what you do. However, your blog will be a good substitute. Keep on bloggin! Love Byrna

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