Reunions: Viking Style!

My hubby and I are off to the annual Rowberg Campout this Thursday July 31, 2008 till Sunday. This year it will be held at the Dosewallips State Park on the Olympic Peninsula. It is on the east side along Highway 101 near Hood Canal.

Now what does this have to do with Pennsylvania? Absolutely nothing! I figured it would be good practice learning to blog these different happenings up to my actual big event trip. Besides reunions are a great way to share and get to know your family and keep the stories of your ancestors alive. This family knows how to do that, thanks to their mother Luella.

This reunion is for my husband’s family and they are of Norwegian descent. The names are Rowberg or Rauberg as it was first written. Other surnames are Lokensgard, Romtvedt, Brathole, Walswick and more. They have a heritage tent that guards the many photobooks and memorabilia of their mother’s and father’s.

The Kjetil and Aslaug Rowberg/Rauberg came in 1870-1. Their grandson Hardy Rowberg married Alvhild Lokensgard. Her grandparents Ole and Helga Lokensgard came to America back in 1857 and last year they celebrated the 150th year anniversary of this event in Minnesota where they settled. This is my hubby’s father’s side. On his mother’s side Louis Brathole came in about 1886 to America from Norway. The Walswicks came about 1856.

Every year for the last 20 or so, this family gathers at a campground in Washington State and spends 4 days visiting and sharing their lives. Last year it was Deception Pass State Park which has memories of camping with my father and mother Keith and Marjorie. The photos are from that 2007 campout.

This family gathers around the campfire after dinner and each person gets a chance to share their life events of the last year. I mean everyone! The news is about 27 people will be there! They come miles to be there and they are very sad when they cannot make it.

Every campout has been documented in special scrapbooks of the photos and it is fun to see the family members change throughout the years. Yes, they have their group photo shoot and they actually cooperate!!!

My sister and brother and his friend came last year. This year my sister Nancy will be come for a visit.

Well I am off to pack up the van for this trip!


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