It is in the Details!

My first step in preparing for a genealogical research trip, is to prepare an itinerary that details each of the day’s activities. I open Word on my computer and just type, nothing fancy…

Day 1 – Monday, Sept. 1, 2008: Fly into Philadelphia…

Day 2 – Tuesday, Sept. 2, 2008: Go on walking tour of Philly…

Day 3 – Wednesday, Sept. 3, 2008 etc…PMC Conference…”

I add as many details as necessary to make my life easier on the trip. I add addresses, phone numbers and the hours/days a society or library is open.

You never have enough time! So the more detailed the itinerary is, the less time you spend looking for information. Besides you can just print a copy for family or friends so they know where you are.

So what is on the itinerary??

1. My Goal for the whole trip. The dates of the trip and the location targeted…
2. Each Day and date of the day – underlined and bolded so I can find it easily
3. Then I follow with the goals of the day.
4. Addresses, phone numbers and hours of the archive, genealogical society, museum or library
5. Checking into and out of a hotel/motel/B&B. Addresses of hotels and phone numbers
6. Airfare reservation information
6. Car rental information and the address of the rental agency/phone number
7. Shuttle or taxi service information that I might need and where to find it.

It gets frequent updates till the first day of the trip. It is printed out and placed in a travel file for the trip. In that file are my confirmations, reservation information, brochures and maps. All my travel information. I also have copies of my itinerary on my laptop.

The itinerary is constantly updated right up to the beginning of the trip. Do I do everything I plan…No…so the itinerary is just a plan of action subject to change. The details of the actual trip are in the journal I write as I experience each day!!


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